A little about me - and a very useful practice building tip.


                                                                   W.J. Simmons - author, lecturer, practitioner and practice developer

                                                                  William J. Simmons

   Author of Exponential Practice Growth

         and practice development expert.


I (or W. J. as I like to be known!) have been involved in alternative / complementary healthcare for over 30 years during which time I have run my own clinic for the last 26 years, taught alternative health care studies at college level and taught a diverse range of therapies at post graduate level both in Britain, Europe and the United States and gained several academic and clinical awards.  


But my first love was always the practical applications rather than the academic! 


I was always looking for ways to continue my own clinics growth and trying to find the “secrets to success” – the main reasons why some struggled and others thrived whilst in practice.    


I studied everything


I looked at how others in my field marketed themselves, I bought books, audios, videos (hey we are talking a while ago here – none of the fancy stuff you have today!), went to seminars from the leaders in my field, studied how others in other healthcare services promoted themselves, other marketing specialists in completely unrelated fields – and I started to combine these ideas into a workable system… 


  …and, what is more important, I have had the opportunity to test these ideas in my own clinic but to also condense the ideas and share them with colleagues… 


     and I watched as their practices and mine began to expand and grow!  


     I realised that there are systems and ideas that are universal, techniques that will work regardless of profession, technique, location or population allowing clinics to prosper whilst others around them struggle. 


     I realised that these ideas work… 


     …but I also realised that for any of these ideas to work they need to be implemented! Unfortunately if you don’t work… if you don’t take action… none of these ideas will work (and more than likely in a few years you won’t be working either – at least not in your chosen profession!). 


     I have done well using the methods I am now sharing with you – I work part-time, I travel the world, I have more money and I help more people...


     ...and when you apply them they will do the same for you!


     I wish you all the best, 


     W.J. Simmons 


Important Announcement and a FREE tip:  


W.J. Simmons is a pen-name. Don’t Google me because you won't find me! 


In order to make this work accessible to everyone and to allow people to read though it with an open mind I didn’t use my real name. During my involvement in healthcare I have noticed that there is a “rivalry / animosity” amongst practitioners – both with regards to those therapists in different branches of healing but also to other practitioners within their own field that use different techniques!  


Practitioners often close ranks and refuse to look outside of their profession for advice believing “What can they teach me? They don’t do what I do – they're not even in the same speciality, it would never work with me or my clients, we just don’t do that!” or some other statement along the same lines… 


Now this is important so read the next bit carefully: 



If you only study what people in your chosen speciality / technique are doing you get blinkered to all the opportunities elsewhere! You end up with Tunnel Vision or a very focussed view of the world and how things should be done. You need to open yourself to all possibilities and grab the best from wherever you can – you need Funnel vision where everything goes in the top of the funnel and you filter it until you are left with a finely hone piece of brilliance that comes out the end! 


If something works for another profession (and this could be any profession) if someone outside of what you would normally do is getting amazing success with a technique or piece of advertising / marketing then adapt it to suit your own style of practice!  


Do not just learn from people that you feel comfortable around who do what you do as you will end up becoming more confined with your scope of practice and unable to distinguish yourself from your colleagues! 


One of the keys to success (that is covered in Exponential Practice Growth) is to learn from everyone and to use what you have learned to create your own niche and by doing so you eliminate all competition!


  Exponentail Practice Growth - how to grow your practice ethically and easily!