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The following products have been created to advance and expand your clinic and are part of my continuing commitment to helping you be all that you can be...

I recognise the importance of constantly assessing changes in clinic promotion and as new proven ideas become known I will update and make that information available to you.


Exponential Practice Growth - the complete works!

The entire programme consisting of the 23 module practice building programme and everything else that you see listed on this page in one complete package! This is your chance to get the complete collection for one fantastic price of only £180! This really is the whole "kit and caboodle"...




White Paper No. 1:

QR Codes – Use this simple technology to turn static media into dynamic interactive marketing. This report shows you how to increase the potential of your advertising quickly, easily and for free with the simply addition of a QR code to any of your printed media. 


Five Page PDF Download £4 



White Paper No. 2:


“FREE” Reports – So easy to create yet extremely effective for turning yourself from mere practitioner to expert status. Even better, once they are written they can be re-used for new clients, as information sheets for prospective clients, brochures, newsletters, articles and public relation (PR) building. Reports are extremely powerful when used correctly and done well!


Four Page PDF Download £4



White Paper No. 3:


Get The Post Office To Make A Living For You! – This white paper contains two virtual unused techniques (I have never had anybody tell me that they have used both nor even heard of both of this mail-shot ideas) that you can use to re-activate patients and increase your revenue! The technique to reactivate clients is so different it has never failed me yet!!!


Four Page PDF Download £4



White Paper No. 4:


16 Simple, Cheap But Extremely Effective Ways To Generate New Clients, Patients And Customers!  To get a steady stream of clients you need to excel at lead generation – a technical way of saying that you need various approaches at generating interest in your services and what you do. It doesn’t have to be a complicated or an expensive process and this PDF contains 16 simple and effective ways doing just that.

Nine Page PDF Download £12



Great Headlines Instantly! 

A good headline automatically captures your reader’s attention and draws them into the rest of your advertisement or article – a bad headline just gets them to move onto something new and more interesting… This is all you need to create attention grabbing headlines and introductions every single time.

159 Page PDF Download £17


How To Up Your Profit In A Down Economy. 


In this book you’ll find over 100 tips you can use to help build any clinic fast. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in you can do better and possibly MUCH better. With this book you will find out how. Don't be a victim of the economy   follow the techniques and tactics outlined and take action in spite of it.


48 Page PDF Download £12


How To Double Your Business In The Next 90 Days.


This simple, straight-forward and easy-to-follow guide reveals low-cost methods and market-tested tips to give any clinic a continuous flow of new patients and more cash.  Covering the key concepts to boosting profits by turning your clinic into a patient-orientated marketing machine – this book is a must read for any practitioner!


48 Page PDF Download £12







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Last Updated: 1st December 2015